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About Us 

Love, Gigi Event Design values uniqueness and all the little details that can sometimes be forgotten in the midst of preparing for a wedding. We strive to create a special environment for you, your family, and all of your friends to remember forever. We want you & your guest to walk into an experience from the beginning to the end. Atmosphere & cohesiveness can change everything! We also LOVE to see those smiles that go from ear to ear and that happy glow from within. To us, that is when we know our job was well done! Now, we have some designing to do, let’s chat!

Love, Gigi (mwahhh!)



Meet the Team

Gabrielle Garcia

Hi there! My name is Gabrielle Garcia (GG-Gigi). I am the Founder + Creative Director of Love, Gigi Event Design. I am so excited that you are here and considering our team to bring your visions to life! I have always loved creating spaces that take people to another place. Growing up, I designed all my birthday parties by creating a vision board and binder with ALLL the deets (down to the party favors & invites) and presenting it to my parents. I was like 8 years old… Let’s just say, I was born for this! I found my true calling in this industry while planning + designing my own wedding in June of 2020. I truly love making people feel like they are so important and that’s what I am here to do for you! Your wedding, birthday, or social event is about you & should reflect who you are! I am driven, ambitious, and determined and will bring every ounce of that to you & your event! 

I’m not shy, get to know me a little more!

  • I was born in California / raised in North Florida  
  • I love Jesus (bc Jesus is cool) 
  • I danced for 18 years 
  • Fashion is everything to me  
  • My husband (& bestie for the restie) is amazing 
  • I love my giant baby Great Dane – Zeppelin (Yes, like Led Zeppelin!) 
  • Taco Lu is my FAVE!
  • You will find me either shopping, at a coffee shop, or working out.
  • I somehow never run out of spunk or sass 

Sandy DeAngelis

Hello! My name is Sandy DeAngelis and I am the Co Founder and Director of Operations for Love, Gigi Event Design.  Thank you so much for visiting our site and getting to know us.  I’m an organizer at heart! Breaking down the process and outlining how and what needs to get done is what I do.   My husband and I have owned and operated our own company for over 20 years and now I get to embark on another entrepreneurial adventure with my daughter.  I love working in an environment where we can do what we love, cater to our clients and truly make something magical come to life! 

A few fun facts about me!

  • Born and raised in NJ, lived in CA, then relocated to NE FL
  • I am a list maker and spreadsheet creator (need to stay organized lol)
  • My husband is my high school sweetheart 
  • I love spoiling my family and friends!
  • My pup, Archer, has his own Insta
  • I will never turn down dark chocolate, red wine or a cheese pizza!

Marissa Lawrence

Hello everyone,

My name is Marissa Lawrence. I am the Event Designer for Love, Gigi Event Design. Welcome to the fun! I have always wanted to do events and have practiced in a small scale with friends parties, engagements, and all the fun in between. I’m so excited to take my skills to a larger scale and partner with Love, Gigi in helping make dreams come to life. Events have allowed me to bring joy to those closest to me and now I’m honored to be able to do this for a living. I love making those around be feel celebrated, special, and loved and can’t wait to continue that with Love, Gigi. 

A few fun things about me:

  • I have the sweetest pup Indi. She loves napping and cuddling just like her mom
  • I graduated from Anderson University in 2.5 years as a student athlete
  • I’ve played soccer since I was 7
  • I met my husband in 5th grade
  • My favorite color is lime green & I love Dr. Pepper
  • I can talk like Donald Duck
  • You can find me at the beach or watching: the office, friends, new girl, or impractical jokers 
  • I’m an open book and love sharing the little details of life

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